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11:43pm - 10/Feb/2017

Hi Tennesseans! 

Please make multiple contacts to Senator Alexander,  Senator Corker, your U.S. Representative and President Trump to let them know where you stand on issues, nominees.  Senators Alexander and Corker already made some awful 2017 votes:


Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos voted in.  Corker and Alexander sold the position.  She is unqualified and will harm public education by syphoning public school dollars to private, often for-profit, charter schools and voucher schools.  DeVos et ux donated $2.6 million to Republicans in 2016 and the DeVos family donated over $200 million to Republican campaigns in the past several years.  She is ignorant about the disabilities act and proficiency vs. growth types of school evaluations.  Sh

Billionaire Michigan-ite, Betsy DeVos championed charters (privatization) instead of improving public education in Michigan.  75% of MI Charters perform worse than public schools (80% are worse in Detroit).  Her hearing as nominee to head Department of Education was postponed (ethics forms not completed).  DeVos's PAC called All Children Matter has $5.3 million unpaid Ohio fines and penalties for illegal PAC donations to Ohio candidates in 2008.


Georgia Representative Tom Price is Trump's nominee to  head Dept. of Health & Human Services.   champions privatizing Medicare giving enrollees vouchers to buy policies and champions abolishing federally defined Medicaid but giving Block grant dollars to states.  He favors repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  He was an orthopedic surgeon.


Senator Alexander   in  DC 202-224-4944 or DC FAX 202-228-3398

for Email    https://www.alexander.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email

Knoxville 865-545-4253 fax 865-545-4252   

800 Market Street, #112 , Knoxville, TN 37902

Chattanooga 423-752-5337 fax 423-752-5342   

900 Georgia Avenue, #260, Chattanooga, TN 37402


This weeks hearings:

Tue., Jan 10 Jeff Sessions for AG, Gen Kelly for Homeland Security

Wed., Jan 11 Betsy DeVoss for Dept. Ed., Elaine Chao for Secty Commerce/Science/Transportation, Rex Tillerson for Secty State, Mike Pompeo for CIA

Thu., Jan 12 Ben Carson for Secty Housing/Urban, Wilbur Ross for Secty Commerce, Gen. Mattis for Scty Defense


Sorry, summarizing McConnell's  'vote-orama' of bills and amendments is beyond me!


Thank you!  Please let me know if you don't want these weekly Emails.


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